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Between 27 June and 6 July, the 4th edition of the International Peace Support Operations Course will be conducted on the premises of MALF and “Wysoki Kamien” Training Center.

Among the course participants are 40 cadets and 15 academic teachers and instructors from MALF (Poland), Theresan Military Academy (Austria), Nicolae Balcescu Land Forces Academy (Romania), West Point (USA), Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (USA), National University of Public Service (Hungary), University of Defense (Czech Republic) and the W.I.R SOF-MED.- CENTER (Poland).
During the course cadets will participate in theory classes and practical exercises in MALF’s training facilities in Wroclaw and training grounds of “Wysoki Kamien” Training Center in Szklarska Poreba.

The theoretical part of the course encompasses lectures on international peace support operations, land navigation, military decision making process in peace and stability operations, mine awareness and fundamentals of first aid on the battlefield – describes the Course Director Maj Piotr Pietrakowski, Ph.D. of the Institute of Command.

The practical phase will include execution of tactical tasks with the use of virtual tactical simulator Virtual BattleSpace 3, combat life saver course, negotiations and media awareness, tactics, techniques and procedures in peace support operations, SERE and MEDEVAC.

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