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Our school

From 11th to 19th of March the General Tadeusz Kościuszko Military Academy of Land Forces hosted two cadets from the United States Military Academy in West Point. The visit was organised within Foreign Academy Exchange Program – FAEP. Two our students - Sgt cadet Daniel Popławski and Sgt cadet Andrzej Wysoczański were involved in support of this visit in MALF.

US cadets were familiarized with our Academy – with tasks, structure, history and tradition. They had the opportunity to use our training facilities together with Polish cadets. During different meetings Polish and US cadets discussed the differences in the training of candidates for future officers in both countries.

Our US guests had also the opportunity to participate in the activities of the MALF’s Student Scuba Diving Section under the custody of Major Włodzimierz Wiązek from the Department of Physical Education and Sport. At the Military Academy in West Point they also have a scuba diving course in their study program. Therefore it was a great opportunity to exchange experience and to compare the Polish and American training systems in this area.

During their stay in MALF the cadets from West Point also took a part in the International Sports Competition organised between Erasmus+ Program foreign students from our Academy and War Studies University from Warsaw. Necessary part of the visit was sightseeing of Wroclaw and Lower Silesia region – among other activities they reached peak of Ślęża mountain.

Photo: Sgt Cadet Daniel Popławski, Piotr Ciechomski

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