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Our school


The Faculty of Management consists of three basic units:

  • Institute of Management
  • Institute of Command
  • Department of Logistics

The Faculty of Management fulfills tasks arising from the mission and strategy of the Academy, including:

  • planning, and conducting teaching activities within the scope of:
    • Cadets’ education and preparation for position of platoon leader in various branches of the Land Forces
    • Bachelor and Master level studies in the field of Management,
    • Doctoral studies in the field of Economics,
    • Officer Candidate School that prepares university graduates for the position of platoon leader in various branches of the Land Forces,
    • Professional Military Education qualification and development courses that prepare junior officers to assume different positions,
  • conducting researches in the fields connected with the studies;
  • organizing scientific conferences, symposia and seminars; conducting;
  • publication activities;
  • organizing and conducting scientific activities for students;
  • recruiting students.

Within the Bachelor and Master study programs, which take three plus two years to complete, officer cadets are educated in the field of Management. Upon graduation, they obtain a Master’s Degree. Upon completing their education and passing the officer final exam, the Academy’s graduates are commissioned as Second Lieutenants. They possess the knowledge and skills necessary to assume the position of platoon leader (or equivalent) in the Polish Armed Forces. They receive a Master’s Degree or a certificate of completing education at the Officer Candidate School, as well as other documents certifying the successful completion of various courses and the qualifications (e.g. parachute jump, handling explosives or chemical agents).

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