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Our school


The General Tadeusz Kościuszko Military Academy of Land Forces in Wrocław (MALF) is the inheritor of the traditions of Polish Army and the universal values of national education. Its intellectual heritage derives from the tradition of military education of the period of the First Republic, when the Knights' School was created in 1765.

The essence of our academic mission was, and continues to be, to educate the competent officers of the Polish Army as well as wise and responsible citizens of our homeland. Ensuring high-quality of education and awareness of the responsibility for the standards and effects of educational services, remains the most important role of all employees of our Academy and our duty to future generations. As an academic community, we recognize the following fundamental values: patriotism and humanism, respect and the search for truth, human solidarity, ethics in education and research, and traditions of the military education.

Our goal is to provide students with necessary knowledge, but also the development of creative skills and responsible attitudes. Education obtained in our Academy should help graduates to understand the relation of science and technology with social and civilization development.

The place of our Academy in the structures of the Ministry of National Defence as well as in the national system of higher education determines the specificity of the Military Academy of Land Forces and its importance in the scope of preparing graduates for the civilian and military service for the Republic of Poland.

The prominent Latin inscription in the Academy's logo: Per Aspera ad Astra, meaning Through Hardships to the Stars, reflects the severe difficulties that an officer cadet has to overcome in order to achieve the ultimate aim: the officer's stars.

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